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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Balayge and Ombre ... what the ??

So, every time I go to the hairdressers in Townsville it's LOADS of fun... Seeing the great staff ... being pampered with a latte ... catching up on the latest trends in Vogue... In Style Magazine and Harpers Bazaar and leaving with a fab new hairdo!

Well, besides reading up on the latest Celebrity Gossip and fashion trends, THIS time I found out about 2 new hairstyles as well that still have me scratching my head.

First, you need some background ... Since it had been 3 months (yes ... 3 months !!) since my last visit, my roots were pretty ordinary as you can imagine.  I had been dying to get to the hairdressers to 'correct' my hideous tresses.  Quite offhandedly, the hairdresser told me not to worry,  and that people are actually PAYING to get that look ???  Excuse me ???

So then, HERE is what they call Balayage ... it's a technique whereby when the hair is 'coloured' it's swept with the colour vertically BUT, it's only on the FRONT of the hair so it creates a 'sunkissed' look  ... hmmm...  looks like re-growth to me ...

Erin Wasson shows off the Balayage hairstyle

or ... there's also Ombre ... which is slightly different.  It's basically gradual lightening of the hair strands ... dark roots to lighter on the ends ... definitely looks like re-growth to me !!!

Drew Barrymore trying out the Ombre look ... hmmm looks like my 'old "do" ' ...

I'm still not sure why someone would pay for that look ... MUST be showing my age ... oh well...
Have a great week - whatever your hair looks like !

~  crowning glory ~
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