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Friday, September 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Have just returned from our 5 day trip to the big smoke...

Doctor ... check
Dentist ... check
Haircuts ... check
Fast Family Catch ups ... check

There wasn't much spare time in our days, but all went to plan (I am an organization freak) and even though it was rushed I did manage to sneak 2 hrs of 'speed shopping' in when we were in Brisbane. 

My 'big' purchase was 2 shirts at David Jones (they're having a colossal sale).  Also fell in love with a beautiful hand crocheted scarf in another favourite city boutique,  but at $600 I thought I'd leave it there for someone else to go into debt...  Didn't help that my husband was waiting outside (doing a spot of people watching) and might have passed out if he saw the price tag ...

Also treated myself to a Starbucks Frappacino inbetween department stores and back at the motel swanned around in my white robe and slippers after the kids went to bed and flicked through as many channels on TV that I could find! 

... well... had to make up for the camping trip now didn't I ???   (see a few posts back!)  I think the only changes I could have made to our trip to make it better would have been NOT to wear my 3 inch 'Nine West' heels while speed shopping... looked great, but boy I paid for the pain later!

   .. and on that note ...

yum... the favourite ...  frappachino

ok. so I look a bit different to this but you get the idea ...

Very tired feet after a long day in the Brisbane CBD

~  find something beautiful every day ~
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