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Sunday, September 11, 2011

maypole memories

Do you ever have childhood memories that just pop into your head???

Recently I recalled "dancing the maypole" for some obscure reason.  The years 6 and 7 girls were the lucky ones and I remember feeling so excited when my classmates and I were finally old enough to be the maypole dancers in our primary school ... way back when...

Does anyone even do the maypole anymore?  It seems so old fashioned just thinking about it, but how lovely it must have been for mum and dad to watch us.   So very sweet and genteel - right up there with playing a game of croquet on the lawn with cucumber sandwiches...

I remember, depending on the dance, different patterns were created with all the pretty ribbons  around the maypole so it was very important not to make a mistake in the dance.

I found this picture on google and while it's not Australian does gives you the general idea.  Must see if mum's got any photos of my sister and I 'doing the Maypole' in her archives - would be great to show our children how cool their mum was ... back in the '70's.

Incidentally ... would love to hear if anyone else has danced the Maypole before!

~  find something beautiful every day ~
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