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Friday, June 1, 2012

finding the new orleans photo shoot

... okay so I LOVE this picture... I found it on Pinterest AGES ago and then lost the source which drove me crazy forever ...  I have it on my desktop ... twitter account background ... and just love looking at it every day!

Last night I was looking around and found (miraculously) the source was Carla Ten Eyk (via Gypsy Purple Home on tumbler which is also Gorgeous!!! and worth a peek..)

I only visited New Orleans once, but what a fabulous place it was ... full of French history and architecture - just LOVED it. 

Enjoy the post and original source of this glamourous shot ...

  • carla

New Orleans wedding photo shoot

What started out as an idea between friends and colleagues blossomed into one of the craziest and most rewarding experiences of my professional career. That seed of an idea started with me, then my girl Candice from Jubilee Events, then we added our amazing videographer Tom Morlock from Vantage Point Films... and then one by one more vendors/friends joined in the fun… Beth Chapman from The White Dress by the Shore, Tony from Datura A Modern Garden; Jennie Fresa and Nedelyn for beauty and hair… rounding out the group was Candice’s assistant Diana, my Studio Manager and BFF Dominique, Our studio Associate Photographer Katie Slater and our guest photographer and regular monthly photo shoot helper Sara from Growing Tree Photography.
In New Orleans we had:
Sucre with their delectable desserts
and musical stylings by the awesome Dr. Jazz

So when in New Orleans, you do as they do: you try The Famous Hurricane at Pat O’Brien’s
and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.
NEW ORLEANS 002 New Orleans wedding photo shoot
Here Tom and Mark, Beth Chapman’s husband, take in the scene; Katie Slater and Dominique get the beautiful bouquets from Datura photographed
NEW ORLEANS 003 New Orleans wedding photo shoot
Jennie touches up Rocio, one of our amazing and beautiful models
CTE20781 New Orleans wedding photo shoot
We jsut love shooting each other shooting! Dominique is on shoe standby in case they fall from the hedge- Sara shoots the image on the right, and Katie Slater shoots Sara shooting me shooting the shoes! You follow?
NEW ORLEANS 0006 New Orleans wedding photo shoot
Dominique is working that reflector while I am working my ABS! This beautiful gown courtesy of Connecticut’s own Modern Trousseau
GrowingTree 0174 11 New Orleans wedding photo shoot
The Fantastic Cornstalk Fence Hotel right in the Quarter was our home base for the first part of our shoot- big thanks to Louis for letting us set up camp there and for letting us have the run of the property!!
NEW ORLEANS 00071 674x950 New Orleans wedding photo shoot
Adrienne, one of our other models, gets some love from Jennie and Nedelyn
NEW ORLEANS 0008 New Orleans wedding photo shoot
Yeah, that’s right. That is indeed a flower hat.
NEW ORLEANS 0005 New Orleans wedding photo shoot
I love how Tony just fits right in the French Quarter walking around with a huge bucket of flowers, like it’s nothing!
Beth works the details, while I work the rain
NEW ORLEANS 0009 674x950 New Orleans wedding photo shoot
Binder clips are our best friend
NEW ORLEANS 0010 New Orleans wedding photo shoot
So after our shoot at the Cornstalk Fence Hotel, we headed a few blocks over to Royal Street where the street was very conveniently blocked off- and so we set our scene
CTE26181 New Orleans wedding photo shoot
At any given moment during the day we had crowds of people watching what we were up to! Good thing I was in the ZONE or I would have been distracted and intimidated!!
KJS94271 New Orleans wedding photo shoot
Candice, Me and Katie look pretty happy! Tom just looks bored!
NEW ORLEANS0012 674x950 New Orleans wedding photo shoot
Enter: Dr. Jazz!!! They were the highlight of our shoot, they added such a fun and unique element to everything and well, it certainly was awesome to work with some music going!!
KJS98941 New Orleans wedding photo shoot
And then came the RAIN!! Now, I have been known to talk some major smack about shooting in the rain, trust me I know many people who were maybe a little happy to hear that it was going to rain for my shoot! ‘That’ll learn HER!’ LMAO.
Well, it learned me all right- how to have FUN!! The timing couldn’t have been better- we were at the tail end of our shoot- everything was running like clock work, I swear!! We had zero problems everything went off without a hitch!
And then the sky just about opened up on us!!
NEW ORLEANS 0011 New Orleans wedding photo shoot
Come on, check out my BFF trying to keep me dry! Gotta love those weather proof Nikons!!
GrowingTree 11971 New Orleans wedding photo shoot
The crew!!
NEW ORLEANS 0004 New Orleans wedding photo shoot
What can I say?? This was so amazing, rewarding and challenging all in the same breath- this whole experience made me a better photographer, and it made me realize that Hurricanes are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.
The time, talent and creative energy put into this shoot was so incredible to be a part of- thank you everyone for seeing our collective vision as clearly as I could and for standing by each of us- and bringing your A game!!
Here’s to the next one!!

~ what a fabulous shoot ~

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