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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tania Cox - my friend the children's author

I hadn't seen my schoolfriend Tania for 'years' ... until we met up in (of all places) the hospital nursery ward, where it turned out, our new babies were only born 2 days apart!  WOW!  Then I discovered she had starting writing (and published) several children's books as well.  ... double WOW!  (A lot for me to take in at midnight with no make-up, my dowdy robe and slippers on...)

Tania Cox

... secret confession ... I actually had a go at writing a book a long time ago and ... um ... was rejected by the publishers... , but since then have realised that art is probably what I do best, so have stuck with mosaics, sewing and drawing  ...   What I'm saying is -  it's hard work writing children's books and you need to have a special talent to do them and then continue to be published over and over again.

Snap went Chester

THIS ... is Tania's special talent... and when she isn't writing, she's also a super busy mum looking after her 3 lovely girls, husband, garden, house... and the list goes on...

I've just selected a few of Tania's wonderful books - and to see more just click here!    Enjoy...

Scary Bear ... this is our favourite Tania! 

With Nan


 ~ get your kids to 'catch the reading bug' ~


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