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Saturday, June 9, 2012

my shabby shopping trip

... we had to go away for a very rushed 2 days ... the usual appointments, shopping  ~ mostly for the kids, but i also managed to get myself a few goodies this time!  yay!

gone are the days when i spent all day 'looking' then doing the power shop at the end... now it's SEE IT... GRAB IT! 

... so here's what i grabbed:
*   shabby set of coasters
* french inspired box to use for storage and double up as a display when I sell things out and about
*  a great little set of notebooks ... I'm planning to make these into picture journals of my favourite things ...
* Women's Weekly Preserves magazine ... I don't plan to make ANY of the recipes in there... the plan is to creat some watercolours from the gorgeous pictures in here!
* my favouite colour!!! magenta!!! Lorna Jane hoodie - so soft and lovely ... will be great around the house.

... not bad for 2 hrs inbetween hunting for kids' jeans, shoes and shirts hmmm???

have a great weekend x

left to right ... the gorgeous preserves book ... cute journal set ... carry case/storage/display box ... coasters ... pics from the mag ... and my deliciously magenta hoodie...

~ shabby shopping is fun  ~

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