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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Brilliant Beads and Bling - Leanne is my featured artist today

Hope you've all had a nice weekend ... I'm so pleased to be finally blogging about the very talented and lovely Leanne from Brilliant Beads and Bling. 

 Time to grab a coffee girls and settle in for a while ... and thank you Leanne for agreeing to be on my blog!


I live in Australia on the Central Coast of NSW, with my husband, 2 beautiful children and my mother, very close to the gorgeous Brisbane Water. It’s a community I feel very connected to and love being part of.

I began beading about 10 years ago, searching for a hobby my daughter and I could to do together. I instantly became hooked and my daughter still beads every now and again. My obsession really took over when a Family Centre I had been working at closed. My creative co workers and friends decided to meet at my house each week as a way to keep in touch. Seven years later our weekly craft group still meet at my house every Friday. This is my sanity day, most of our original group still attend and we have picked up many women along the way. I can’t imagine my life without the input of these fabulously creative and inspirational women.

I also work in the community sector and have done for many years, mainly working with women and children; currently I am working with women who have experienced domestic violence. My beading provides me with welcome respite from that part of my life. My style is eclectic, I have tried to work with one style of jewellery but I love the challenge of learning new techniques and working with different materials, so I am finally at peace with my diverse range.

There are a couple of other communities I love being part of, firstly Etsy where I have my online shop. The supporting of other handcrafters is such an integral part of being an Etsian, be it curating treasuries or being an active team member.

 We have our own Central Coast Creatives Community Team. I also attend a monthly local market, Avoca Beachside Markets. I feel so lucky to be a part of such an amazing event each month.

... could i be more jealous of her wonderful Markets ???

The organisers Brad and Bianca Cardis of Fixx Events have created a family like environment for stallholders and it flows across the whole market. Beautiful food, music, art, handcrafts and much, much more.

I feel beading will always be a part of my life. However over the next few years I would like to try many more creative activities. I am hoping to combine my two very different worlds and become competent enough in a number of creative pursuits to work with women, helping them to value themselves and their individual talents.

I would also like to work with women who have not had the opportunity to explore their creative side. I see so many women in my daily life that I feel would gain so much through creativity. So, a bit more study and I hope to make this dream a reality.

 I would love to connect with you. You can find me at my

website ~     www.brilliantbeadsbling.com
Etsy      ~     www.etsy.com/shop/brilliantbeadsandbling
Facebook ~  www.facebook.com/brilliantbeadsand bling
Instagram ~ brilliantbeadsandbling

** All the items shown here are available in Leanne's Etsy store ...

~ inspirational ~
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