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Thursday, June 27, 2013

~ Health Professional visiting South Mission Beach and Tully ~

If you're lucky enough to be in the vacinity of Tully or South Mission Beach ... there will be a visiting Health Professional coming in July this year.

South Mission Beach ... nice and quiet ...

location - Queensland, Australia ...

not to be confused with THIS Mission Beach ... in California...
... anyway ...

Here's some info you might want to keep handy ... (and if you ARE there ... then I'll be extremely jealous!)  I noticed Lucille does Rei-ki which I have had before and it's extremely relaxing ... hmmm mabye I'll see if I can't talk my husband into a 'special trip' for a few days ...

Tully ... North Queensland ...

Lucille Hargreaves a Naturopathic Herbalist and Iridologist will be visiting the Mission Beach and the Tully area during July 2013.  

 Lucille will be consulting from the practitioner rooms at The Healthy Harvest shop in the Mission Beach shopping centre on Monday and Thursday afternoons from 4th July until 5th August and she will be returning again in September through to November. Please phone Lucille on 0419 691 702 to make an appointment time.  

Lucille studied Herbal Medicine with renowned Australian Herbalist Dorothy Hall in NSW and undertook further studies in Iridology with Toni Miller and Sclerology with Dr. Jack Tipps.

Lucille is dedicated to providing you with specialised natural treatments for all your health concerns. Your wellbeing, health improvement and self-understanding of your nutritional needs are her priority.

Lucille uses several diagnostic tools including Iridology and Sclerology to identify specific nurture points in the body and she recommends appropriate remedies such as: Herbal Medicine; Flower Essences; Aromatherapy; Rei-ki and Nutrition as needed, to bring you to your peak condition. You can be assured that personal attention is given in a holistic balanced and nurturing environment so that you feel comfortable expressing your health issues.

Lucille’s specialised services include:
·         Herbal Medicine
·         Nutrition
·         Iridology
·         Sclerology
·         Iris Photos
·         Personalised Iridology Assessment Reports
·         Ear Candling
·         Rei-ki
·         Herbal Ointment and Creams
·         Herbal Extracts and Tinctures
·         Herbal Teas - Single and Blended
·         Aromatherapy Oils.

HEALTH FUND REBATES available from most Health Funds.

Contact Details ...  0419 691 702
~ good health ~
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