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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

luciles kitchen - inspiration

I think I first discovered luciles kitchen in an treasury on Etsy.

If you haven't had the good fortune of knowing this Etsy store, well ...  I'll enlighten you ...
First of all Lucile is French, draws food (mostly) and illustrates/paints in different mediums incorporating text in her work.  I just love her pencil/watercolours!

I was instantly  taken by Lucile's work and bought a print for my birthday this year.  It now takes pride of place in my studio where it inspires me daily.

Here's some more of her lovely pieces...

Tea time with macarons

(taking pride of place in my studio ...)

The strawberry pie recipe

Green Tea

Botanical plate - spring fruits

Paris Map - Breakfast des Grands Hotels


Inside No 5


Delicious places on a vintage  Paris map


Olives and olive oil

Marie antoinette is having tea with macarons

   ~   find something beautiful every day   ~
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