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Monday, October 3, 2011

garden day... sort of...

my plan this week is to attack the garden section by section, therefore, decreasing the chances of 'sore cutting hand' and aching back/neck from leaning over for too long.  we have quite a large garden and i tend to cut it up into north, south, east and west.

also since summer is pretty much upon us here, i'll be choosing the time of day to get out there depending on where the 'shady spots' are.   just finished my first productive hour cutting back lots of bouganvillea so should have my 'tuck shop lady arms' (the flappy bits ... aka.. triceps...) back into shape by next week.

stay tuned...

time for a cuppa and now to the the officework!   waahhh... where is Starbucks when you need one???

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