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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

stinky tuesday

so today when I was vacuuming the office... it took me AGES to locate what the disgusting smell was.

finally, i traced it to the fax and 'voila'... the sneaky little culprit was extracted from the machine and given a proper burial.  (ie. tossed into the garden for mulch)

it even looks cute or funny, but let me assure you, geckos smell like nothing else on earth when they die in your fax.  (or anywhere in the house for that matter)

the good news is, the smell is now gone... the bad news is, it's probably not going to be the last time it happens.   these little suckers get into all sorts of electrical equipment and wreak havoc.  ho hum...

I think today I'll just finish with
~  happy tuesday  ~  ...
(sent from my 'smell free' office)
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