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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our week in Julia Creek

Mini School is a well organized week of fun, food and school for any kids (and mums) who are living in remote places and educate their children via Distance Education.    We are with the Mount Isa School of the Air (MISOTA) and since we're in the 'Julia Creek' Area, our kids do mini school at Julia Creek ... which makes sense...

MISOTA also hold mini schools at Normanton, Gregory, Cloncurry, Camooweal and Bedourie but that's just more driving for me and why would I do that to myself???

... so ... our week consisted of ...
Eating meals together
Designated day of Kitchen Duty
School, art and fun activities for the kids with teacher and Garth Jankovic - the wonderfully inspiring, energetic and multi-talented PCAP artist.  (Thank you Garth - your energy was infectious with all the kids)
Marimba practise for mums and kids
Tennis, swimming
Jewellery and Mosaics for sale (yours truly) and hat making for mums as well
Grand finale of the costume night and marimba concert - eek!

Exhausting, but will be back next year to do it all over again!

Julia Creek - main street

Walking to school from the breakfast hall
Busy breakfast line-up

Marimba practise

... and bongo practise ...
Working on their 'future world' drawings together

Karen Price's jewellery

Caroline Butcher's jewellery
Yours truly ...

Caroline Butcher shows Melissa ways to wear her design

I just HAD to have this one... so lovely!

Karen Price works with coins sooo well

Karen also does colour ... very well...
Very popular range

I think most of this range actually sold out!  Fantastic Karen :-)

Garth - our PCAP artist helps the kids with their drawings

Multi-talented artist Garth Jankovic drawing upside down... how DO you do that???  

Garth is a great bloke with a huge artistic talent.  He works as a freelance artist and has a fun, easy going personality.  His positive, encouraging nature made him a huge hit with the kids.  Our school managed to be lucky enough to get Garth for all our mini schools for the 2nd year in a row.  As a parent, I would highly recommend Garth if your school or community were looking for someone to help with an artistic project.  Contact details below. 

~  enjoy your week ~

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