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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Experience Laduree ...

I first noticed this 'brand name' when I purchased a print from one of my favourite Etsy Artists... 'luciles kitchen'.    My print had part of a Laduree bag incorporated in it.

hmmm... I was curious ... more sleuthing required.  A quick 'click' trip to Pinterest opened my eyes (and mouth literally) to undoubtedly the most beautifully presented dessert store on the planet.

Laduree, I found are the creators of luxury cakes, pastries and invented the first double decker macaron.  Apparently they sell 15 000 macarons every day - wow!

I have never tasted a macaron and probably shouldn't, for my own good.  My saving grace here is that I'm a bit geographically challenged at the moment  ~  my current location - cattle property in Australia   ~   Laduree store ... approximately 36 hrs away (by jumbo jet) in Paris.

So... onto the list it goes for my next soujourn to Paris (whenever that will be), right up there with travelling on the Orient Express and having high tea at the Plaza Hotel (New York)...

a girl can dream can't she?


My lovely print - the inspiration behind the post - lucileskitchen

~  find something beautiful every day  ~

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