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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Morning Glory Cloud

One Sunday in September last year, I was hanging out the washing and as I looked up, I noticed the most amazing cloud formation.

Since I haven't lived out here all my life, I thought I had discovered something new.  Quick ... grab the camera!  Thrilled by my discovery, I was expecting to impress my husband with my amazing snapshots.  It would seem he already knew all about it ...  "Oh yeah,"  he mentioned casually, "looks like 'remnants' of the Morning Glory Cloud. "

The Morning Glory Cloud is one of those wonderful meteorological phenomenons produced by mother nature (more technical description if you click on link) and appears near Burketown - which is right up in the North of Australia in the Gulf of Carpentaria - (a few hundred kms north of our property).  Touurists come from all over the world come to see it and glider pilots to actually ride it like a wave!  I can't imagine...

The tricky thing is,  the weather conditions have to be just right for it to appear and it only occurs during September and October.  I haven't seen any this year, but it sure makes hanging out the clothes exciting ... you just never know what you'll see out there!


All taken from our back yard

... and showing off my flowering Tabia Bui Tree ...

Skies over Bow Park, September 2010

Morning Glory Cloud


~  find something beautiful every day  ~
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