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Monday, February 20, 2012

from drawing to toy - a genius idea

recently stumbled upon a blog called Child's Own Studio ... where a truly amazing Canadian woman - Wendy Tsao is turning children's artworks into soft toys ...

a simple, yet genius idea!  ...   send one of your children's drawings to Wendy ... and about 2 months later (this time could be delayed now due to her sudden discovery and  explosion in popularity) for anywhere between $70 - $120 CAD plus shipping,  receive a replica toy!

brilliant!  Fantastic!  and so darn cute ... congratulations on such an original idea and what a wonderful keepsake for the children (and mums and dads!)

I checked with Wendy before posting, because her workload has literally exploded with her sudden discovery and she wanted me to let all my readers know that on 1st March, she will be launching a list of other talented 'softiemakers', to help deal with the influx of orders!  yay!

~ happy and inspirational ~

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