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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

valentines day ... big love

i don't purposely go around making items for 'Valentines Day' in my store, but i do seem to lean towards making things that involve hearts, prettiness and pink...

my husband actually said once ... "I don't need someone telling me there has to be one special day when I should be romantic and nice to my wife" ... awww... (blushing)

we don't live anywhere near shops and in our nearest town (100km away) there is NO florist - actually you have to drive for about 7 hrs East, or 5 hours West before you get to a florist... so every now and then he surprises me with something that's growing 'out in the paddock'...  not often enough I say!

anyway, here are a some goodies in my store that could definitely be a lovely 'valentine' if you do like to make the day special ... now if only I could grow me some peonies... or lisianthus... sigh ...

enjoy ~

all items available in dkshopgirl's etsy store

~ love is in the air on valentines day ~

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