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Friday, July 13, 2012

the brolgas at Nelia ...

Recently we had Townsville artist Sue Tilley working on a Public Art Project - Life is Art in the tiny township of Nelia, North West Queensland.

Sue has created a 'Brolga Family' out of found parts and they are now proud new residents of Nelia.

Happy Family

Olga the Brolga

Olga ...

Brolga Chick

Rex the Brolga

Unfortunately due to homeschooling I couldn't attend the opening day, but wanted to share pictures of these great new additions to the town.  We drove past the other day for the first time ... and I managed to convince my husband to stop the car for 30 seconds while I dashed out and took some pics.

... so the next time you're driving on the Flinders Highway ... don't forget to pull in at Nelia and meet the locals!

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