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Thursday, July 19, 2012

slow and steady ... whatever ...

this week, our internet has been slow ... super slow...  i'm trying to get us upgraded to a faster plan and hopefully will do so in the next 2 months.  i'm still getting things done, but am a bit 'over' waiting for things to load.

...  i mean really,  how can i possibly keep up with my cyber-friends on Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy, Madeit, shop on Ebay - not to mention read any of my favourite blogs at this snail's pace?  I'm generally the kind of person who gets impatient just waiting in line to buy groceries ... yep. 

Regardless,  I have endured the slow uploading just so I can  show you some of my favourites.

... sympathetic comments will be most welcome ...

{ps.  my Etsy and Madeit stores will be on vacation for a day or 2 while I  head off tomorrow afternoon to teach a mosaic class on Saturday.  see you all when I get back and hopefully with a LOT faster internet!}

delft fabric

sea urchin

Ms Fox

vintage wallpaper

fine art print

... sorry girls ... this is mine :-)

Fabric Ring
San Francisco lunchbag

~ happy Friday  ~

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