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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blue Anchor Bay - Jacqueline - Featured Artist

... what a treat for you all today ... I am finally doing a feature on the lovely Jacqueline from Blue Anchor Bay. I found Jacqueline originally on facebook and even though I don't really 'know' her, she's one of those people who just brighten up my day - such a shame she's on the other side of the world, so we can't do coffee!

Now, get comfortable, grab a cuppa and enjoy her story...

I have always loved the Seaside! ... I was born in Edinburgh on the East Coast of Scotland, but moved to England when I was eight.  I was devastated and always dreamed of moving back and living by the sea.  My dream was to come true over 40 years later.  My husband - retired from the Metropolitan Police (having served for 31 years), applied for a job in another force  -  imagining it would be local to where we were living in Oxfordshire.  Imagine our surprise when we found out the vacancies were in Dumfries & Galloway - where my hubby grew up!

That was three years ago.  We live very happily in a lovely Cottage in the Countryside with views over fields to the hills in the distance, on the coast of SW Scotland, just 10 miles from the sea.
My page is named after a place in Somerset where we took the children when they were small.  I set up my page to share my love of the sea and to prove that dreams can come true.  Shortly after arriving here, I was in the town one day when I saw sewing classes advertised.  I went along and enjoyed using a sewing maching once again.  I then started hand sewing a few itmes too and showing them on my page.  It was not long until people started asking to buy them and that was the beginning.

I found a part time job in the local Garden Centre where we started selling craft materials.  One day, I bought a pack of blue and white paper.  Hubby had bought me an envelope template (which I had seen advertised) for Christmas and so I started making my own envelopes with cards to match.  They proved very popular, so I began to sell them.  From there, the ideas just flowed.  I made paper bunting and progressed onto making notebooks and jourals.  The lady who held the sewing classes invited me to attend a Craft Fair and then things snowballed from there.  I have always enjoyed making things for as long as I can remember.  I never imagined that people would wish to buy them.  How lucky I cam to be sitting at my table, looking out over the countryside, on the coast, and living my dream ...

I met Deborah through my page and we have a shared interest in beautiful things ! ... she cheers me up on a daily basis ...

{and the feeling is mutual Jacqueline}.

You can also read more about my story on my blog www.LifeatBlueAnchorBay.blogspot.com

     You can find items for sale and share my love of the seaside on my page www.facebook.com.  I       I'd love to see you there.

I   do have shops on Folksy Http://folksy.com/shops/BlueAnchorBay and Etsy

they are closed for the summer, but you can find me on there should you wish.

 ... thank you for being part of my blog Jacqueline - it's great to have you here :-)

~ wonderful talent and wonderful people ~
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