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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Donna Maloney - featured artist

A couple of months ago I popped into Artcetra - Studio 2 in Townsville run by the multi talented artist Sue Tilley.  She has so many wonderful artworks on display in there, but something that particularly caught my eye were the paintings of Donna Maloney.
Lotus - Refinement of Life

I bought one of her cards and am thrilled she's decided to write a piece for my blog.  I think her work is fantastic and I'm sure you'll love it too... 

Magical Mystery Tour 3

In Donna's words ~

I live in Australia's tropical Queensland, and love to paint the natural environment. Not long after we arrived to this area, I was walking through the rainforest and realised that this was what I wanted to paint and share with other people. 

Lotus on Lace
The challenge came when I sat down in my art studio at home to paint. Looking at the photos I had taken I realised I didn't want to paint an all green rainforest. I needed to take a different approach, I needed to capture how this subject made me feel.

Rainforest Habitat 4
When walking through a rainforest I feel so happy especially when my family is nearby. So if it makes me feel happy, I have to paint in happy colours. The colours I choose are very bright  and include warm yellows, oranges, reds for the curtain fig trees and cool blues  to Indigo for the background. I also love to use handmade papers to paint and draw on and collage them onto my larger paintings.

Rainforest Understudy
Last year for my solo exhibition I had mainly painted the lotus flower, waterlilies and curtain fig trees. Lotus flowers represent how I want my life to be, happy, joyous and always growing. I also do art journals with my photos of what I'm going to paint, tests of the different paintings that I will do and quotes that I write on some of my paintings.                                                                                                              
My Journal

This year I will be painting silk scarves and do a new series of paintings for linen, cushions, and diaries.

Dance of the Lilly
Rainforest Leaves

Red Mushrooms

The Curtains Cave 1

Magical Mystery Tour 2

Curtains Cave 2

Also I have collected different papers from Italy and the United States and would like to do more painting with these beautiful papers.

Streets of Rome 2
Having a Break - Venice
 find Donna 

~ inspiring and beautiful ~
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