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Thursday, April 18, 2013

featuring the lovely Dina from Una Ves Mas

Recently I experienced a completely random act of kindness from Dina.  I don't think anyone has ever done something like that for me in my life.  When I asked her why, she said she just felt like she wanted to.   She has singlehandedly changed the way I think about life and people and I'd like you all to know more about this wonderful woman.

 Thank you Dina for agreeing to let me blog about you and your amazing Etsy store x

In Dina's words ...
I started my Etsy shop because friends kept telling me to get out there an expose myself and it gave me the ability to stay home and take care of my 2 children. Paying for someone to do outdoor /indoor maintenance and repairs as well as daycare was not an option and before I started I always said to myself that another's trash could be my fortune.

 Even as a child at seven I took an old quilted robe and made an owl and sold for $5.00 . Loved thrift shops even then. Was introduced to them by an eccentric Auntie. Love her.

Growing poor inspired me to make things out of whatever I could recreate. Clothing mostly in my youth.

After the birth of my 2nd child I blossomed and still evolving as I feel this is not it. My dream has always been to do what I love and make enough to help others. Inspire and bring joy and enjoy life.

My finds have appeared , by this I mean whenever I need /want something , I always say to myself it will come and let go, patently wait.

Example: 3 years ago I really wanted a toaster oven I had seen advertised. One morning I went out for coffee and walking back home. What did I find 3 blocks away on the curb wrapped in plastic but a brand new toaster oven. You can't imagine my gratitude and joy!

I also help others doing clean ups at home when in need or estate sales and in return I have been given things.
My finds also include garage sales, thrift shops, curbside and dumpsters. I jump right in if I see something I can use, knobs, wood, etc.
It kills me when I see perfectly good wood thrown out.

If I can't afford to buy it I will try my best to make it. Love shoes but cant make them yet!!!
But not a hoarder. lol

I once had a person ask me to clean out their garage and in return I could keep everything in the garage and there was more in the dumpster. Oh this one was awesome. Soooo many vintage items. Truly a gift from heaven. My belief was this is how I would be. It is said what you believe will be true for you. My experience. Always dreaming.....

I have done many jobs in my life - cleaning lady, mothers helper, waitress, receptionist and import manager in the fashion industry for 13 years , to name a few. Have had a few others too, on my own at 16 years. It has all taught so many great lessons compassion for others and pride in all that I do.

My shop is very feminine, it's what I love, but in truth, most of the time, I'm in cargo pants , boots and a t-shirt as I do a lot of physical labor.

Can't work in a summer dress but I do love them and my hands Aghhhhh ! LOL

Most of the time I feel like I am 7 feet tall and have the strength of ten men but I am only 5'4" and 130 pounds. LOL .

I love creating anything that inspires me. I'm inspired by people, places, nature, time periods and things. I can visualize what it can be.

Thank you Dina for being so open and candid for my blog feature - you are a lovely person and I wish you many good things in your life.

I LOVE the way Dina has so many different items in her Etsy store - a real treasure hunter's paradise!
Click here to visit Dina's store!

 ~ vintage shopping at it's finest ~
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