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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ricks's Restorations ...

... last night we watched something on TV that I hadn't taken much notice of before ... an American TV show called Rick's Restorations which was bascially all about a business in Las Vegas where Rick and his team do resorations on all kinds of vintage items for their customers.

We were BLOWN AWAY!  It was so great to watch ... they fixed up a beautiful old Kelvinator Refrigerator ... a Herschey Bar Machine ... a Peek a Boo Machine that showed Burlesque ladies and an old Chevy on the episode last night.

It was just so wonderful to see the finished products and how much time, effort and attention to detail they put into restoring each item to it's original condition.   

The other thing the show achieves is that 'feel good' factor due to the fact that some people are actually prepared to take the time to restore beautiful items and keep part of history instead of continuing with the 'throw- away' society that we've become.

The only thing that concerned us was that he doesn't seem to be charging enough for his fantastic restorations!  Everything seemed to be a fraction of what we expected it would cost - what a bargain these people are getting.

Looking forward to seeing more great episodes Rick - well done to you and your fab team.

... before ...

AFTER !  wow!

... not the ONE that was restored but the same style

... the actual machine...
from left ... possibly buyer, lady from the Burlesque Museum, Rick's brother? (I think) and Rick

the restoration!  fantastic!

... and possibly what you might SEE inside one of these machines ... hmmm
... be inspired ...
~ fantastic talent ~

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